Ava Sakowski Marketing is an Elite Marketing Management Service that navigates the dynamic and ever-evolving digital landscape. Our full-service management approach has developed over the course of a career in a variety marketing platform and up for the changes and challenges that come to the doorstep of all businesses. The desires of small business have not changed. Business owners want to make their living by doing something that is of service to the community and in exchange they are also able to thrive. When Local businesses thrive, they contribute to the community's economic well-being.

We offer unique services to our businesses from launching a podcast to development and management of all internet profiles, including social  media, content development, graphics, vendor management and Consistent Communication, Management and Monitoring.
Whatever your unique needs, Ava will help you assess, research and give you a recommendation.

Our aim is not compartmentalized in our approach. We make recommendations based on need. We have created a business based on referrals that services clients in four states including Washington State where we reside. 


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